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Jaap True Wireless Earphones

Jaap True Wireless Earphones

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Truly Wireless Earphones (i.e Airpods, Earin) are extremely convenient gadgets. You can listen to your music on the go without struggling with tangled wires. Yet, TWS earphones come with their own set of problems:

1) Fall out of your ears easily as they do not fit all ear types. . 

2) Suffer from a short battery life of roughly 3-4 hours. Their battery life cannot last a full day without being charged.

3) To make things worse, TWS earphones requires a charging case to charge. This means that the user have to wait for it to be charged before using it again. It can be frustrating especially when TWS earphones' battery life is so short.

Named after the inventor of bluetooth, Jaap Haartsen, Jaap's revolutionary technology overcomes these problems to give you the benefit of truly wireless sound.


Secure Fit Design 

- Jaap's behind-the-ear hook design ensures it stays secure during your toughest workout regardless of your ear size.

Comes with SpinFit Silicon Eartips 

- To cater to people with different ear canals, JAAP comes with Spinfit silicon tips. Spinfit silicon tips is the world’s first 360 degree rotating eartip. It greatly enhances comfort levels as it can go deeper into your ear canal.

Long Battery life

- The behind the ear design enables us to put a larger capacity battery. Thus, JAAP has a battery life of 6 hours, almost double the battery life of existing TWS earphones.

Can be charged on the go 

- JAAP's revolutionary powerbank design allows the user to charge their earphones on the go unlike conventional truly wireless earphones that needs to be charged via a powerbank and cannot be used on the go.

IPX5 sweat resistant

-Developed for activities under any conditions, its IPX5 rating helps it to endure through rain, water and sweat.

Stable Connection 

- Our dual antenna design amplify signal strength thereby reducing signal drop out by 90%


  •     Bluetooth Chipset: Bluetooth 4.2 CSR64110
  •     Driver: 11mm Dynamic Driver
  •     Battery capacity: 90 mah
  •     Portable battery charger capacity:
  •     Music playback time: 6 hours ( 14 hours with battery charger)
  •     Talking time: 7 hours (15 hours with battery charger)
  •     Charging port: Micro USB Type B
  •     Build in microphone: Yes
  •     Microphone sensitivity: -38 dB
  •     Supports Multipoint: Yes
  •     Supports HD hands-free: Yes
  •     Battery status on IOS devices: Yes


  • 3 pairs of SpinFit tips
  • 3 pairs of silicon tips
  • 1 pair of foam tips
  • 1 portable charger
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